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Our Meetings

2015 sees a new meeting format in place. Monthly meetings will no longer be held.  Please read on for the 2015 meeting dates.

March 3rd – Meeting with guest speaker

May 5th –  Horticultural Hall, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs commencing at 10am.  

June 2nd – Annual General Meeting (AGM), venue – Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall, Auckland CBD

September 1st – Meeting with guest speaker at Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall

November 3rd – Meeting at 990 Great North Road, Western Springs

December 1st – Christmas function at Horticultural Hall, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs

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The combined Pre-Xmas Get-together of all Auckland Members of the GSA will be held on Friday 28th November 2014 and this year will be hosted by North Shore Group of the GSA at their meetings venue – Taitamariki Girl Guides Hall, 8 Auburn Street, Takapuna (close to shopping centre).

The programme for this is as follows:

10.00am – Welcoming morning tea, meet and greet

10.30am – A report from Auckland Branch Chairperson Mark Leys on GSA Business

11.00am – Entertainment from Belmont Group “The Rose Singers” (audience joining in)

12.00pm – 1.00pm – A catered, quality finger-food luncheon and time to chat.

Transport: Buses run direct from central Auckland City to Takapuna Westfield

Parking: The venue provides some adjacent parking using dashboard-display official parking permits (which must be returned to the venue). There is also 3 hours free parking in the Westfield Centre’s carpark building nearby, or Pay and Display parking in Takapuna Central open-air carpark.

RSVP: so that we know how many people to cater for, please reply if you are coming, by 15th November, to Pat Christian (North Shore GSA Secretary) by email; patat242@vodafone.net.nz or by phone; 410 1052 (leave a message)

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November 2014 Branch Meeting

The meeting on 4 November is our bi-annual ‘Mailout’ to our members. This meeting starts at the earlier time of 10am with morning tea held during the morning. Please come along and join us – it is a very good opportunity to catch up with good friends or workmates or talk to the Committee on various issues.

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Simpler Method for Contributing Posts or Comments without Logging-in

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October 2014 Branch Meeting

Helen Laurenson PhD will speak on ‘The Rise and Fall of the Department Store’.

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September 2014 Branch Meeting

Ivan Fay will speak on ‘An Idea’. Join us and find out what ‘An Idea’ is about – very little is being said except that it will benefit us and our families.

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Branch Meeting 5 August 2014

Natalie Bell from the Public Trust will speak on Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney

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July Branch Meeting – 1 July 2014

Speaker: Mike Dodge, Deputy Head Dilworth Senior Campus speaking on Dilworth and the third campus.

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AGM Tues 3rd June

Government Superannuitants Association of NZ (Inc)
Auckland Branch
Annual General Meeting to be held at the Ellen Melville & Pioneer Women’s Hall
2 Freyberg Place, Auckland
On Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 10.30am

A g e n d a

10.30am – Morning Tea

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of previous meeting on 6 June 2013

4. Annual Report presented by Chairperson

5. Balance Sheet previously circulated and Budget

6. Election of Officers and Reviewer

6.1 Chairman

6..2 Notification of Members of Committee

6.3 Nomination of Board Member

6.4 Reviewer

7. General Business
7.1.1 Future of Auckland Branch

8. Executive Officer Alan Peck

12.30 Meeting closes

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May 6 2014 Branch Meeting

May’s meeting will stuff the envelopes with the April Newsletter and allow Members social interaction. Please note the start time of 10.00am.

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Upcoming meetings

1 April 2014 Peter Fillet from the Auckland Museum will be our speaker

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Branch Meeting Speaker 4th March

4 March 2014 Chris Hagon will be speaking on ‘English Heritage Homes’

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Keep looking at the site for future posts about  Auckland GSA Branch interests generally, and for the email address when we have arranged it.   Contributions will still be moderated, so may not appear immediately.

Best Wishes

Stephen Wealthall

Lets talk openly about death

Reminder for Xmas Entertainment & Lunch Tues 3rd December, Ellen Melville Hall, 10-30 a.m on, with Music of Eddie Giffney

Additions Week 11th November

  • GSA Member Neil Solomon will be standing for the Board of the Health Services Welfare Society, which some of you will be members of.   He is concerned about increasing costs for Senior members and that most members do not vote for the Board.  If you receive voting papers DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY but assess the candidates.   See Neil’s election statement HERE
  • You should have received Annuity News (Here) and The Auckland Newsletter (Here) this week.  If you didn’t, contact Secretary.  The envelope stuffing took place in record time with our new secretary, Adrienne, having everything ready, and enthusiastic members stuffing.

Additions Week 28th October

  • Auckland Council run a ‘People’s Panel’ where by e-mail they seek opinions on Council Activities/Responsibilities – Here
  • October Branch Newsletter Here

  • October Annuity News Here

  • September Committee Minutes Here

  • Partly as a result of our efforts the Auckland Council has now asked for Public Submissions on the upgrading of the Pioneer Women’s/Ellen Melville Hall.However submissions have to be in by 3rd November through THIS ADDRESS.

  • Your Branch Committee is to prepare our submission on changes to the GSA Constitution.    Let us know your thoughts.   The present Constitution is HERE

Additions Week 6th October

Reminder : NEXT BRANCH MEETING – STUFFING ENVELOPES AT HORTICULTURAL HALL 990 Great North Rd, Western Springs, opposite Motions Road (the Zoo Entrance Road) MAP HEREPHOTO HERE.   Open from ~10 a.m. for Special Morning Tea and socialising, TUES 5th November.


Railway Xmas 2013

Additions Week 1st October

  • Our Most Important News is that Hilary Vautier, our faithful, cheerful  and reliable Branch Secretary has retired from working with us to spend more time with family.     The good news is that she will remain a member of the Association and so will contribute her expertise and  humour to our Branch.    The other good news is that although Hilary went on 3oth September she was so efficient that her replacement, Adrienne Dodge, was in place for the Branch Meeting of 1st October.   Thanks Hilary and welcome Adrienne.   Contact mechanisms will remain the same
  • NEXT BRANCH MEETING – STUFFING ENVELOPES AT HORTICULTURAL HALL 990 Great North Rd, Western Springs, opposite Motions Road (the Zoo Entrance Road) MAP HERE, PHOTO HERE.   Open from ~10 a.m. for Special Morning Tea and socialising, TUES 5th November.
  • Thought-provoking talk by Bill Rayner of Grey Power at Yesterday’s Branch Meeting, including the thought that Seniors should form politically active groups and stand for Council (as he is doing).  Fuller Report later.
  • New Stories – ‘Where were you on the 10th of September 1966‘, and final part of
  • Motorcycle Mayhem, ‘Convalescence & Recovery
  • Unbelievable NZ story and Art provided by Hilary as her swan song and new Funnies on Funnies Page

Additions Week 15th September

Additions Week 9th September

Additions Week 1st September

  • Bill Rayner of Grey Power will address the Branch Meeting, 1st October at Ellen Melville Hall
  • New Story Sequence – Motorcycle Mayhem.  Acquisition and AccidentAdmission and Initiation, Ward Life, Bed-bound Study & Examinations, Convalescence and Recovery. Parts published weekly.

Additions Week 24th August

  • New Story Sequence – Motorcycle Mayhem.  Acquisition and Accident, Admission and Initiation, Ward Life, Bed-bound Study & Examinations, Convalescence and Recovery. Parts published weekly.
  • AGM in Wellington in two weeks.   Anything that you want your delegates to convey, send now or come to Branch Meeting 10-30 a.m. Tues Sep 3rd at Ellen Melville Hall.

Additions Week 12th August

  • Speaker for  Branch Meeting Tues Sep 3rd at Ellen Melville Hall Neil Carey from Railways Superannuitants Association will speak on his working life with New Zealand Rail and lifelong interest in Railways.

Additions Week 5th August

  • Two New Stories – ‘Marine Memory’ and ‘Two Lives Ruined’ on Story Page
  • Jock Jamieson of Sensible Sentencing Trust, Branch Meeting Guest Speaker at Ellen Melville Hall, 10-30 am Tuesday 6th August gave a comprehensive, passionate and lucid talk about the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s work.   There was ‘a lively discussion'(to coin a phrase) as to the causes of the rise in violent crime and where responsibility lies.   The Trust was congratulated in highlighting and attempting to resolve some of the problems, even if some of our members are not in agreement with the specific tactics of some of  the campaigns.
  • Branch Motions re ‘Tax Equity’ sent to all branches
  • ‘Final’ Part of Plymouth Hampshire tales (A Romantic Drunkard) posted

|30th July 2013| STOP PRESS – Auckland Branch Amendment to Northland Branch Motions on GSA Constitution Change.   Auckland Branch will seek a General Review of the 2009 Constitution by tabling the following amendment:-

The Constitution of the GSA as approved  by the 2009 Council meeting, be reviewed by the incoming Board by seeking Branches proposed amendments, circulating them to all Branches for discussion, and bringing back the proposed changes to the 2014 Council for approval. 

 Additions Week 28th July
  • Reminder – Jock Jamieson of Sensible Sentencing Trust, Branch Meeting Guest Speaker at Ellen Melville Hall, 10-30 am Tuesday 6th August.
  •  the Auckland Branch of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, to invite you and your family, friends, neighbours, members of your clubs and others to a meeting. Book the date now: THURSDAY AUGUST 15th 2013 at 7-9pm. KOWHAI SCHOOL, 26 ONSLOW ROAD, KINGSLAND.  The Founder of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, GARTH McVICAR will be speaking along with KATHRYN LAWLOR, Regional Coordinater, Victim Support.  Come along and learn more about our work in reducing violent crime in New Zealand and how SST supports the victims of violent crime. We hope to see you there. Entry is by gold coin donation. Tea, coffee and cakes served.
  • The Thief’s Tale‘ (part 4 of the Plymouth – Hampshire Tales Posted.
  • New Funnies – Bob Hope; On the Road to Heaven. Editor’s Note: Recently re-watched “the Road to Bali’ and it has lost nothing, including best Australian parody ever.

Additions Week 21st July

  • At my talk ‘Art School at Fifty’ I was asked to put up my Material and Images about Diego Rivera.  They are Here but will take a while to download – be patient, Stephen.
  • Northland Constitution Change Motions
  • Auckland Film Festival – next two weeks
  • Part Three of ‘The Plymouth Tales” posted (Readers with delicate stomachs should be within range of the facilities) NB My revered stylistic and factual reviewer, Rosemary Bell, has pointed out that my aging brain has titled these stories ‘Plymouth Tales’, but they took place in Portsmouth!  To avoid confusion I will re-title them with her suggestion as ‘Hampshire Tales’ as soon as I find time –  Mea Culpa, Stephen.
  • New Funnies

Additions Week 14th july

Editorial Plea – Need to add to  Good Books, Stories, Gardening, Outings and Recipes.  A viewer from Italy* has complained they have become bored with an exclusive diet of our fish and punch recipes and request more variety.  Please send something.                                * This consistent, anonymous viewer is presumably a Superannuitant who won the lottery, as the Supernnuation for the rest of us would not allow Tuscan living.

One new story from Dick Smith – Tavi

Raymond benevolentRaymond Hawthorne at our Branch Meeting last Tuesday where he outlined his multi-faceted early life and career as well as giving his insights into Theatre Developments in Auckland.   A real treat to hear an unassuming Master of his craft.   Rosemary Bell’s (our own iPad daemon photographer) photo caught Raymond at a happy, contemplative moment.

small AGM 2013

STOP PRESS:  AGM – A GREAT SUCCESS.   Members were given a lucid explanation of GSA’s Successes and Coming Campaigns by Bill Robertson, who used the re-elected Chair in another capacity.  Look out for the full report later. Minutes of AGM 2012 here.

The Branch Committee has conducted an extensive review of Branch Activities, and how they relate to GSA Branches around the country.  Read Report

STOP PRESS Rosemarys  ‘FUNNIES PAGE a great success ‘. I will add a few at a time but why not send your funnies so as we cater for all tastes.

Envelope Stuffing iconSuccessful Envelope Stuffing at Tuesday’s Branch Meeting by the hardy members who braved paper cuts and self-adhesive envelope torture to get your Annuity News and Branch Newsletter to you.   Click for bigger photo.

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Helpful Site re NZ Super on ‘Links’ under ‘Seniors’ – Work & Income

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